Prime Health is offering its expertise and a complete package of services to help you in creating your real products!

Prime Health's product development experts have over 30 years of experience in the nutriceutical industry. We work with many clients worldwide and will professionally customize your products according to your requirements. Our knowledge combines the modern scientific research and experience with centuries-old, traditional health remedies. We are capable to support all of your requirements while adhering to and even exceeding the highest North American and global quality standards

Our professional expertise and the modern manufacturing facilities, located in the Greater Vancouver area, allows us to provide a wide range of services to accommodate our clients' individual goals and specifications. Our on-site pharmaceutical and nutriceutical experts will assist you in designing a product that will match all your expectations of potency, efficiency, and nutritional profile. We can help you to achieve your vision through our specialization in all aspects of production: volume powder blending, encapsulation, tabletting, protective and enteric coating, as well as labelling and packaging.

Using our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, our product development team will then put the formula into operation by launching a precise manufacturing cycle based on your product's specific ingredients and formulation. In order to accomplish this, we will first manufacture a sample of your product prototype. This prototype will then undergo a series of quality and efficiency tests as set out by Health Canada to confirm its superior quality. After successful completion of these important steps we will proceed with manufacturing of your brand-new products in your desired dosage and quantity.

Our business is to help you and make your product a reality! To support your product introduction to the market we offer a wide selection of packaging options and private label designs. We will help you to build an image that conveys absolute confidence in the superior quality and reliability of your products.

We encourage you to learn more about our company by watching our corporate video presentation. Please click on the VIDEO PRESENTATION link to start presentation.